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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dogs, Kids, and Stress oh my!!!

A post from Oct of 2018
One of the things I’ve always tried to do is to be totally transparent with my training.  I’ve shared with you all the struggles I have had training my own dogs and in my own life.  It’s one of the things I have always prided myself on.
So you guys all know the issues that my son was having with Loki, some of that is carrying over to Yadi.  Most everything with Yadi is easier because he is so much smaller than Loki was.  However, he still gets nervous when Yadi is trying to herd him or get’s in his face in the car.
little boy and his corgi
Ian and his best buddy Yadi
One morning this week,  I had a thought since our biggest issues are in the car when Ian is strapped in and can’t get away, we should do some training in the car.  Ian loves to give treats to the puppies, he always has so this morning as we were getting ready to go out to the car, I grabbed a handful of treats and stuck them in my pocket.  I put Yadi in the back seat and buckled his seatbelt harness strap and then went to put Ian in his car seat.  I then took out the treats and put them in the door pocket for Ian.  I told him that they were for him to give to Yadi on the way to daycare.  Yadi tried one time to jump up in Ian’s face and I told Ian to make Yadi lay down.  He did and Ian loved it!!!
This will be something we repeat on a daily basis so that Yadi is learning more to lay down for Ian rather than jumping on him, and I’m afforded a little more sanity before getting to work.  Ian also is learning that he can control Yadi, and Yadi is learning to listen to Ian.  It truly is all about the little bits of training that you fit into your daily routine that make it life easier. 

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