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Monday, July 6, 2020

The Kona Diaries - Separation Anxiety

I think the biggest thing I have noticed since being at home during this COVID Shutdown is how wonderful my dogs are, but also how far we still have to go.  I've always been big on my dogs being able to entertain themselves.  This is super important for helping with Separation Anxiety, as well as just boredom busters.  As the readers of my blog know, Kona my Standard Poodle has real problems being away from me. 

One of the things I have noticed since being home with my dogs is how much they have chilled out.  Kona used to be very much a needy puppy that barked at me when I did not pay attention to her the second she thought I should.  Read she is a demand barker here.  She has gotten so much better about this, but when we are training she thinks I should be going at breakneck speed at popping treats in her mouth.  But also, that I have severely neglected their training.  I've tried to make up for some of that while being at home with them.  

We are working on a protocol to help with her feeling so anxious when she does not have access to me. She has gotten a bit better and will actually leave me to go inside when she is ready, but heaven help my blinds if I close the doggie door off and leave her in and I go outside.  

There have been times I've needed to block her out of the living room for one reason or another mostly so I
can vacuum without Yadi attacking the vacuum or her, or when she was trying to steal Ian's food all the time. She has really done a number on my door frames where the baby gate is.  I'm going to have to repaint them.  Not to mention figuring out how to get all the flaked paint off my hardwood floors without taking the finish off my floors because the paint is stuck to the floors.  I'm guessing it's latex paint.  

I even bought a remote treat dispenser to be able to give her treats from a distance for moving away from me and not being right under my feet.  Sadly Yadi is terrified of the noise it makes so I have to work on it with him so that it doesn't bother him so that I can use it with her on a regular basis.  

She has severely regressed in her socialization being stuck at home during this time at home.  I have to get her back out and start working with her again.  I'm hoping that we will have a smallish reset button when we start working again, so I can try to get her back to where she needs to be and stop barking at other dogs.  Thankfully I have a neighbor dog to practice with.  

So that's about where we are right now.  Just trying to make a little progress every day.  This last week, she turned a year old.  While she has grown so much she is still such a puppy.  She has no idea how big she is, she thinks that she is Yadi's size.  

Happy Training!!!

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