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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Leash Restrictions

I've often spoken about how Yadi gets grounded and put on Leash Restrictions but I don't really ever take class time to explain just what that means.  I thought I'd write a post to explain more about what Leash Restrictions are, and how I use them.

When Yadi does something that proves that he has not quite earned the amount of trust that I have given him, he goes on Leash Restrictions.  I gets put on the leash in the house.  Depending on what he did, I may just let him drag a short leash or light now, I just hold the leash.  Yadi is pretty good on leash and doesn't pull when we are in the house so there are times when I'm busy doing something that I will just put the loop for the leash over my foot so it's around my ankle.  I have control of him at all times.

This latest round was cause because he decided that he wanted to chew on electrical cords.  I'd rather have him leashed up with me in the house than dead from chewing on a cord that is plugged in.

I use the time I have him on leash to work on his leave it or his recall.  it's a good time to work on anything really because they can't get to far away from you.  This is a wonderful technique for potty training as well.  You have your dog with you though and they are learning how to behave around you rather than being locked in a crate away from you.  This is such an important skill for our dogs to learn.  If we always lock them away from us they don't learn how to behave around us, they only learn how to behave away from us and that does not make them part of our family.

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